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“Greece Virtual” a 360 panorama tourist guide platform of Greece. It gives the ability to the visitor of the website to have a better understanding of the location interested in by moving the photo in any direction (360 degrees). With this fun and entertaining way the visitor can read informational text in english while touring by himself viewing high quality photos and listening to natural sounds. Of course there is a map with spots of the current location and also the available surrounding panoramic scenes. is a useful tool for planning your next vacation in Greece. All tours contain Information regarding hotel accommodation, restaurants and bars to visit, as well as other activities such as sailing, water sports and sightseeing. Google map is also available pointing out every location.

High quality panoramic photos

Rotation in any direction you choose and ability to zoom on to the photos to uncover even more intricate details of the images you have selected. Various shaped icons enable the user to view different land and aerial photographic scenes of the location taken at night or during the day. Sights and sounds come alive on your computer screen to give you the feeling of being there. For example, click on to the images of the many beaches surrounding the islands where you can actually hear the sounds of the waves!

  • Olympos village, Karpathos Island....
    Olympos village, Karpathos Island....

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    The mountain village Othos often surrounded by clouds, is known for the traditional festival that are organized there. The village Piles is 3 klm away from Othos. Olimpos comes into sight in a wild landscape. All the village is a living museum and the majority of women still wears the traditional costume which is a scarf on the head and a shirt with embroidery.


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