Athens City

Athens was named according to the Greek mythology from competition that the goddess Athena had with Poseidon about who will become protector of the city. The myth says that Poseidon gave a spring with sea water while Athena offered an olive tree as she touched the ground of the sacred rock of the Acropolis. The people of Athens choose Athena as their protector and so the city was named after the goddess of wisdom. The first settlement of Athens 3000 BC was situated on the rock of Acropolis. Athens lived its most glorious times during the 5th century BC under the reign of Pericles. During this period the Golden Age of Athens Parthenon was build. Arts, Philosophy, Drama, developed to their highest point. During the reign of the Roman Emperor Adrianos , Athens became his beloved city. Adrianos build and decorated Athens with magnificent monuments like the Adrianos Library. With the fall of the Roman Empire declined Athens importance as well. During the Byzantine times Athens was a provincial town of the Byzantine Empire. But even during this times many Byzantine churches where build in Athens. The Crusaders invaded the city in the 13th century until the 15th century when the city was occupied by the Turks. After the Greek war of Independence Athens became the Capital of Greece in 1833. Under the reign of the first king of Greece, Otto the city extended to the north and many buildings where build from German and Greek Architects.

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