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Asklipieio, Kos island....

Asklipieio, Kos island

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The Asklepieion of Kos In a distance 3.5 kilom. northwest of Kos town. The complex is extended in three mounds. At the lowest a gallery at Π shape (3rd century b. C) that today is maintained in level of foundation, it encompassed the space from the north, east and west side. In the middle of the north side through a propylon was the access in the holy space by a scale.Among the most important findings of Asklepios is: 17 signs that give us rich historical information, 24 surgical instruments, some marble votive members (one ear and two female breasts) and coins of the 4th BC aiona.To 1928, while Kos was under Italian occupation, Italian archaeologists excavated the site and restored the monument giving it the form it has today.