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Kalymnos Island

Kalymnos is inhabited by the pre-Minoan times and that is why there are a lot of historical sites and monuments worth visiting. The caves Daskalio, Santa Barbara, Stimenion, early Christian settlement of Rina, Castello village, Christian cemetery, PeraCastle, HoraCastle, Christ of Jerusalem, Temple of Dilios Apollon are few of them. Kalymnos has a few beautiful villages, as: Pothia, the port and the capital of Kalymnos, builted in early 1850 when piracy had stopped and the people returning to coastal areas from Hora which was the first capital of Kalymnos. Extremely scenic, ideally located with houses builted next to each other and all facing the sea, preserving the island's local character. On the west side of the harbor stands the monastery of St. Savvas, where the view is breathtaking. In Pothia please visit: The Archaeological Museum of Kalymnos, the Nautical Museum and the mansion ‘’Vouvalis’’. Hora was for centuries the capital of the island. Is builted in the middle of a valley, far from the sea because of the pirates. It is a place where traditions are kept alive. Over the hill on the right side of the village is the castle of Hrysoheria, builted in the years of Byzantium and inhabited until the 18th century.

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