About Kos

kos-harbur2-5 800Kos is famous for its living history through its Architecture that covers all the historical periods from the ancient times till today with monuments and buildings. The Asclipieion, the Ancient Market, the Baths, the Academy of Music, the Theatre, The Casa Romana, the Ancient Temples, the Byzantine castle and churches, the Medieval castles and buildings, the Traditional residential groups.

However, the Architecture during Italian domination at the beginning of the 20th century has the modern image of the town and the whole island. From the first moment you face Kos, Hippocrates’ island, you will admire its overall beauty, you will comprehend the reason that Kos is considered one of the most famous islands not only in the Dodecanese group, but the whole Aegean Sea too. The town of Kos, which is the capital and the main port of the island, refers to the Italian style as it is built by Italians. It is a town endued with magnificent archaeological sights. To begin with, the excavated ruins of the ancient town, which is the first thing you will notice at your arrival at the port as well as the Knights’ Castle with the double walls and the moat, located at the entrance of the town, are truly breathtaking.

kos-harbur2 800Moreover, the famous tree of Hippocrates , under which is said that the great physician of the ancient times taught and also the bridge that unites the castle with the plane tree as well as the road with the palm trees will definitely captivate your eyes. Also, the two mosques that are an exemplar of the Islamic art, the various churches, the beautiful buildings, the public market, Eleftherias and Agias Paraskevis squares, the picturesque paved alleys, the wheeled train ready to guide you around the town and the archaeological museum, all of them complete the town’s charm. Last but not least, Asclipieion, the sanatorium of the ancient times, is beyond doubt the most significant monument of the island. Sight-seeing in the stunning and exciting island of Kos ascertain that this land has been blessed by nature and history, a fact that is reflected on the whole landscape.