Nymfaio Located 1350 metres above sea level on the ridges of Vermio mountain in north-western Greece, the beautiful village of Nymfaio , is one of the most important preserved traditional villages in Greece and one of the ten most beautiful villages in Europe. In the global competition UNESCO the village wonthe International Melina Mercouri Prize for excellent maintenance of cultural heritage and natural environment.The village is surrounded by beech forest and rock covered trails. The houses are made of stone and in recent years Nymfaio has become a centre of attraction for tourists. The village has many lodging places (though not sufficient to accommodate all of the tourists). There are also the dilapidated headquarters of the national hero Pavlos Melas and Nikeios School - the trademark of the village - which is now a congress centre of the Thessaloniki University "Aristotle." Nymfaio also houses a Museum of jeweller’s art, folklore and history, in which you can see rare collections of tools, fine jewellery, everyday objects, manuscripts. When you first arrive in Nymfaio and leave your car in the public parking lot just before the entrance of the village, you will see before you pictures reminiscent of a fairy tale: beautiful stone houses, a curved like a rainbow wooden bridge, which unites two of the most impressive traditional houses in the village, picturesquely covered with square tiles. The area is very suitable for horse-riding in the green meadows and forests and the village has modern municipal stables with pure English horses and an experienced horse-riding instructor. The Non-government organization "Arcturos" is located in the area of Nymfaio and it maintains an information centre for the brown bears and wolves. In order to get there you need to take a fifteen minute walk on the stone path that starts from the village and traverses magnificent scenery.

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